Who We Are

Michelle Cooking

Our philosophy ...We feel that each of us, as individuals, affect the planet, as a whole, with every choice we make.

Our mission is to help educate and create awareness about the interconnection of human beings and the world in which we live: awareness of the food we eat, the products we use, the thoughts and words we think and speak. We all have a gift, to choose how we treat ourselves, other living beings, and the environment. These choices will affect us individually, as well as the planet - on the physical, emotional and spiritual level - to help create a positive shift in consciousness.


I was raised in a big three-family house, surrounded by my big Italian family. Every conversation involved food. Delicious homemade breads, pastas, desserts and more, were daily treats. So, I was inspired to become a "great cook" at a very young age.

My mother, an avid listener of Gary Null's radio show, began educating my two sisters and me about the impact of healthy eating. As fate would have it, I was introduced to ‘the food business’ and started to cater my own parties, and was able to incorporate this knowledge into my food.

Around this time, I started to notice that after eating a meal I felt tired and more often than not my stomach was upset, so I set out to find solutions. My father introduced me to Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient form of acupressure (of which I later became a certified practitioner).

My Jin Shin Jyutsu mentor suggested that I try cutting wheat and refined sugar out of my diet, to see how I would feel. "Wheat and sugar, I'm Italian, what about pasta and desserts!?" With some resistance, I did it, and the results were undeniable.

It has been an organic process finding a lifestyle that would allow me to feel truly energized and look and feel great! I now experiment with alternative ingredients and with inspiration from my mother, have developed delicious sweets like the ones I grew up with... only healthier!

After years of having friends taste my desserts and say, "Damn, this is good! Can I get me some?" ...I decided to develop my recipes to share some of the magic of my cooking with you!